Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Single Mattress


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When it comes to mattresses, you will find several places that give details regarding every size of mattress other than the single size mattress. You should know that such mattresses are also a great option for sleeping, especially if you are a teen or a bachelor, and it’s even ideal for a dormitory. It is perfect for those who don’t like to share their bed. It is better to invest in a premium and affordable single-bed mattress, which does not compromise comfort. At Wakefit, you will find single-bed mattresses with many designs, whether you need an affordable one or a luxurious option. Read on to learn more about the single bed mattress and the factors to consider while purchasing it.

Single Bed Mattress And Why You Should Invest In One?

A single bed mattress, as the name indicates, is specially made to accommodate a single sleeper. That means a single adult can sleep comfortably on it. Since it is small in size compared to other sizes, it is ideal for bachelors or solo sleepers, and in places where the floor space is minimal. Here are a few more reasons why you should invest in a single-bed mattress.

  • Space Efficiency: A single bed mattress is a great choice for rooms where space is premium. They consume less floor space compared to a larger bedside and, hence, are ideal for studio apartments, guest rooms and children’s rooms.
  • Cost-effective: A single mattress price is typically more affordable than other mattress sizes, and this makes it a budget-friendly choice for those on a budget.
  • Customisations: Like the other mattress types, single bed mattresses also come in many types, which include memory foam, latex, innerspring, etc. This allows people to choose the best type based on sleeping habits and comfort preferences.
  • Portability: Single beds are lightweight when compared to other sizes, and this means it is easy to move. So, it is easier to transport them from one room to another, when rearranging furniture or when shifting from one house to another.
  • Versatility: Single bed mattresses are versatile options as they can be used in many settings, like in guest rooms, dormitories, children’s rooms, or as sofa beds in multipurpose spaces.
  • Easy to maintain: Cleaning and maintenance are easy. Maintaining a mattress involves flipping or rotating the mattress to ensure even wear and tear and extend its lifespan. Having a single bed makes it easier to manoeuvre during cleaning when compared to larger mattress sizes.
  • Independence: For those who share a bed but prefer not to, a single bed gives them more freedom, as each person can choose a mattress based on their needs, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Single Bed Mattress

Types Of Mattresses

There are many types of mattresses, with each having many benefits. Here are some of the popular types available in the market.

  • Memory Foam:This is a mattress that provides the best pressure relief as it evenly distributes the body weight and alleviates pressure points. They conform to the shape of your body and provide optimal support. Sleeping on this bed gives you a cradling effect and is ideal for those who have aches and pains and need spinal alignment. These mattresses are made of many layers of foam, with a firm foam at the base for support and durability and a soft foam at the top for more comfort.
  • Latex: It is like a memory foam mattress but is more resilient and firmer with less sinking. Natural latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree and is organic and eco-friendly. Like the memory foam mattress, these too are ideal for those with body aches and pains and offer optimal support and comfort.
  • Innerspring: These are another popular type of mattress that offers more bounce. It is good for stomach and back sleepers, as it has a firmer surface that keeps the spine aligned. Check the coil count and gauge, as these determine the durability and firmness. A higher coil count means it is of better quality and offers targeted support.


Choose a mattress that offers good back support. Good back support means that the spine and pelvis are aligned properly so that you get optimal back support. A good mattress does not allow the heavy parts to sink and does not create pressure points. Also, choose a mattress that conforms to the body shape, as it helps in spinal alignment.

Mattress Thickness

Look for a mattress that has optimal thickness. Typically, most single bed mattresses online have at least 6 inches of thickness. If you have a heavy body type, choose a thicker mattress as it feels more comfortable.


Mattresses come in many firmness levels, ranging from soft to firm. The firmness level you choose should be based on your sleeping position, body weight and personal preferences. People who sleep on their side should opt for a softer mattress, while those who sleep on the back and stomach should buy a firmer mattress.


Invest in a mattress that lasts long and is durable. Consider factors like material quality, construction, warranty and customer reviews regarding the mattress’s longevity and performance with time. Normally, a single-bed mattress lasts for up to 10 years, depending on the mattress composition, manufacturing, etc, So when choosing, look for a reputed brand so that your investment pays off.

Prioritise Your Needs

Sleeping preferences are not the same. So consider your needs concerning your preferred sleeping position, health issues and comfort. For instance, if you are a side sleeper, you will need good cushioning for your shoulders and hips. Back sleepers will need a mattress that is firmer for good spinal alignment. Plus, if you toss and turn at night and like to spread out, consider these factors too when making the purchase.

A single bed mattress size is perfect for those who have a small room or prefer to sleep alone. Consider the above factors when choosing a single bed mattress to get the best quality mattress that offers the support and comfort you desire. To check for high-quality mattresses, visit the Wakefit website or the nearest store.

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