How to Successfully Source from China?


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It is essential to take a thorough approach when purchasing from China. Essential phases include locating reliable suppliers, comprehending manufacturing procedures, and managing logistics, delivery, and customs clearance.

Developing successful businesses hinge on securing reliable Chinese factories and mastering the intricacies of ordering effectively. Before you decide to buy direct from China factory, you must confirm three things

1. Determine the items you want to import.

Selecting the correct product is important to avoid wasting time and resources. For importers aiming for success, the initial and crucial step is to meticulously choose the right product for resale.

2. Determine your import rights.

Before importing goods into your country, whether as a business or individual, it is essential to verify your rights to import. Consulting a local customs broker can provide the necessary details.

Once you have identified the products from China that you wish to import, the initial step is compiling a list of potential Chinese suppliers. 

3. Identify the suitable factory capacity you want.

Here are a few advice for choosing the right Chinese factories based on order size:

– For small orders, consider working with a trading company that can place your order with a tier 1 factory and oversee production.

– For medium-sized orders that are not large enough for major factories, opt for a tier 2 manufacturer (around 250-800 workers).

– For large orders where major companies are competing for your business, tier 3 factories are suitable.

Common mistakes while buying from China

1) Not understanding cultural differences (communication)

Navigating language and cultural differences poses significant challenges for businesses venturing into China manufacturing. Communication barriers due to language discrepancies can complicate negotiations and lead to misunderstandings regarding product specifications or customizations.

2) Choosing products solely based on the lowest price

Opting for the factory with the lowest price can be tempting for businesses, but it is often a costly mistake. Budget manufacturers may lack professionalism and have longer lead times.

Additionally, their location may lead to higher shipping costs, negating any initial savings without providing added benefits.

3) Ordering before receiving samples

Initiating mass production without first reviewing samples is a frequent and costly error, even with a reliable manufacturer. This oversight risks potential design flaws or production errors that could impact your product quality.

Sampling serves as crucial validation that your design is functional and that the factory comprehends your specifications accurately.

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