Streaming in 2023: 5 Best Hits


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Many theatres closed during the pandemic, and streaming became the content source. Streaming service productions made more movies, and some even continued to elevate and improve the quality of their films. We saw hits like Netflix’s Bird Box, and Marvel’s Black Widow.

In recent years, we’ve had quite a year with movies in theatres and streaming. Charles Melton’s turn in May-December was released on Netflix, while Martin Scorcese released Killers of the Flower Moon in theaters. Despite the discourse on films made by auteurs and actors alike, there were and are many well-made movies all over streaming and in theaters.
Let’s take a dip in the best streaming hits last year!

Air follows the story of Nike’s marketing. It is a well-acted sports movie. The whole ensemble acts and gives a powerful performance worthy of awards. Much like the tropes in beloved sports animes and movies, the protagonists are the underdogs of their story. The costumes quickly convey that the story is set in the 1980s while capitalizing on how people love nostalgia.

Michael Jordan is played by none other than the legendary basketball player himself. Supreme actress Viola Davis plays the legend’s mother. Many people may think this movie is about basketball or Michael Jordan. Still, the true underdogs of the story are the people of Nike, who are trying to create an extraordinary and revolutionary brand. Much like the brand, Presage is revolutionary in design and capability.

Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret

When it’s a movie about girlhood, most people will think immediately of Sofia Coppola. Fortunately, this Judy Blume adaptation is directed by Kelly Fremon Craig. Almost everyone knows about Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret. It’s a classic in the coming-of-age genre and develops its characters even further. Kelly Fremon Craig does this genre best, as proven by her debut feature, The Edge of Seventeen. Warm, witty, and inspiring, this movie is underrated and will surely resonate with many girls.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

It’s not hard to notice the absence of Chadwick Boseman from this movie. He was the anchor and heroic center of gravity in Black Panther. However, Angela Bassett has received rave reviews and nominations for her performance in this movie. This movie may feel too long, but it has a slow burn and notable emotional suspense. Once it hits the steam, it picks up the pace.

The Woman King

This movie tells the story of warrior women, which became a hit for Sony despite being snubbed. Training montages, dramatic speeches, and even riveting death scenes characterize this movie. Viola Davis bulked up to play General Nanisca, performing at her best. The action sequences are complicated. It’s evident, though: you don’t mess with the women of The Woman King.

Fair Play

Chloe Domont crafts this heated-up drama, a psychological battle of the sexes between two hedge-fund analysts in a romantic relationship. The movie is a terrifying drama about the complexities of gender roles and workplace psychology in the aftermath of #MeToo. The fantastic thing about this movie is that Adrian Lyne could have written this.

Wrapping Up 

We saw a lot of good movies last year, and we hope this year’s trend continues! These hits remind us that streaming company movies don’t always mean they are terrible in quality. Movies you can see on streaming are entertaining—and can also be good!

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