The Impact of Market Trends on Upcoming Ipos: What Investors Need to Know


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IPO is an initial public offering when a private limited company issues its initial stocks before issuing actual shares. It is called ipo. This IPO consists of you on the floor of the company that has taken its first step toward a public limited company. IPO could be proven as the very best decision for investors but not every time. To make better decisions on investing in an IPO. You should look over market trends going on. As a successful investor, it is very essential to keep yourself with proper information and details of upcoming IPOs. In this blog, you will read about upcoming trends in the market that could affect IPOs. All the things as an investor you should know. Keep to the end for proper simplification.

Everything you need to know about the impact of market trends on an IPO.

In this blog, we will understand the dynamics of an IPO, its process and the factors that have affected it with time. Reading about upcoming IPO trends will help you to have healthy investing. This blog will provide you with all the stuff that can lead you to a good investment.

  1. Market expectation: in the last 2 years, the Indian economy has not shown a healthy rise. After these two years, it is considered that this year will be seen as high potential growth. This year, many companies have decided to become more public than in previous years. Many big names like First Cry, Ola Cab and Tata are either on the way to becoming public or have proceeded with their first step. So it is considered that investing in initial public offerings will be shown as a good step to be taken and the market will come out as a bullish market that will encourage IPOs.
  2. Growth in IPOs after slowed years: in the year 2021, the market had a high rise due to factors like low interest rates but high values. That motivates the IPO to get their desired growth. Many companies go public and investors get enough interest in investing that results in the company getting a high collection of funds. But in the years 2022 and 2023 momentum of the market slowed down due to the Ukraine-Russia war. Investors felt hesitant to invest. That was the reason very few companies published themselves and did not get any potential growth despite more few companies. But this year, it is considerable that market growth will come back and companies will get growth again.
  3. Comeback of IPOs in 2024: this year market growth has made a strong comeback. As a result, many and more companies are going public with strong obligations of growth. In comparison to previous years, money raised in this year has already crossed half of the money raised in last year. Many healthcare companies and companies such as Bharti Hexacom have been highly active in listing, not just inspiring the market but also motivating investors. Also, retail investors are shown as highly interested in these years of IPOs. So this year is looking very lucky for companies issuing IPOs. This year interest shown by investors is considered by subscribing that has already 43 times up than last year. 2024 will be a healthy year for investors and IPO issuers.
  4.  Very picky nature of investors in the market: overall the market is looking very strong this year. That led many companies to go public but not every company is getting potential growth like Jana small finance bank and companies such as JG Chemicals do not get the potential growth after issuing IPOs. That means out of 40 companies about 10 or 13 companies gotta fall instead of rise. This is because, after the pandemic years, investors become highly picky toward making decisions in investing. Investors feel it is risky to invest in new companies which leads to small companies with lower growth. That just shows even though companies in the market are very strong, not every company is growing.
  5. Globally muted market: The war years of 2022 make the global world slow down and investors take a step back from investing because of the bearish possibility of a market. After these years, still, not every country has started feeling excited because of these years, now investors and companies started being very cautious toward investing and could not make them gain confidence about investing. You can understand by looking at the amount raised by IPOs in these years that were less than $25 billion globally.  The EY report says countries like the US or Asian countries are still feeling highly cautious before investing but countries like Europe, Japan or the Middle East countries again getting excited with rising markets. The EY report mentions that after analyzing market trends this can be said that people who want to invest and companies will again feel excited this year.
  6. Expected to be double IPO growth in India about fy25: this is considerable and analyzed that after this year, 2025 will be shown as the active year for IPOs in India. This shows that in the next year, IPO growth will be doubled than this year in 2025. Also, it is already seen that more than 40 companies have submitted their documents to the SEBi for being published. These companies have already planned to raise an amount of $6 billion, which shows the enthusiasm of the market in India. In this globally muted market, India has been active and shown to be more active in FY25. It is estimated that the IPO of Hyundai will encourage other multinational companies and will result in the Indian market being very bright for IPOs globally.


Market trends are a very important aspect to notice before investing in IPOs and this is considerable after a few years. The market has again felt activated toward investing. The market is showing that many companies encourage to be published this year and aim to raise a high amount globally which is also exciting for the investors to invest. But these market trends could be changed so always keep them. you update with time to these trends because they are very important for your investing. Before making any new IPO investment, get yourself properly informed about every dynamic. Moreover good luck with your investing journey.

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