Variability in Detection: Factors That Influence How Long Edibles Remain in Your System


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When using edibles, which refers to foods that contain cannabis, it means that your body system is being introduced to THC. This is the substance in cannabis responsible for causing the feeling of being high. While smoking results in the immediate onset of effects, edibles have to go through the digestion process which delays the onset time but may last longer than the effects from smoking cigarettes. This makes many people wonder how long edibles can be found in their systems after consumption.

For instance a person may require this information due to health issues or to prepare themself for employment drug tests. Understanding what influences how long edibles remain in your system is crucial when you want to consider edibles for consumption.

How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System?

a. Body Composition and Metabolism

Every human body is unique, and individual factors can determine the duration during which THC from edibles will circulate in your system. For instance, if you have a comparatively high metabolic rate, your body might metabolize THC much faster. Furthermore, THC is fat-soluble which makes it dissolve in fats. As such, individuals with higher percentages of body fat could find that THC is present in their system for a longer period than those with leaner body mass.

b. Frequency and Amount Consumed

Another factor that answers ‘how long do edibles stay in your system’ is the frequency of use. Frequency and amount are other important factors that cannot be undermined as regards edibles. If you regularly consume edibles, THC accumulates within your system, allowing it to be detected for an extended period after you stop. On the other hand, if you only consume edibles from time to time, your body could metabolize THC in a shorter time.

c. Type of Edible Consumed

Yet another factor that answers ‘how long do edibles stay in your system’ is the type of edible consumed. THC stays in your system according to the kind of edible that you consume. That is, THC in food products such as cookies may be metabolized differently than THC in candies or beverages. This variation can alter the rate of metabolism and elimination of the substance known as THC from your system.

Elimination and Detection

The time that THC can be detected in your body also depends on the test used. For instance, urine tests, which are used frequently for drug testing, can detect THC metabolite – substances formed when THC is metabolized – for 3 days after an individual ingests the edible. This window is not fixed, as it is less for blood tests (1 day) and much higher with hair tests, which can identify THC consumption for the last few months.


The time it takes for edibles to leave your system depends on various factors that can include your metabolism, how much body fat you have, frequency of edibles intake and the type of edibles consumed. This means that for some people, THC will metabolize and leave the body quickly, while for others, it will take long to do so. Awareness of these factors allows you to properly regulate your edible consumption, especially when it comes to something like a drug test. It is also important to note the legal status of THC-infused products and your state of health before you indulge in these products. As a reminder, knowledge assists you in making wiser decisions concerning the use of cannabis.

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