Primary Difference Between A Pale Ale and A Indian Pale Ale


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Beer has been the most beloved drink since the ancient ages. However, breweries are constantly trying to innovate the fermenting and brewing techniques for refining flavours. The most common ingredients for beers are yeast and hops. When looking for beer, you may find Indian Pale Ale and Pale Ale. A keen beer fan must know the distinctions between these beers. Although both belong to the pale ale family, they are from diverse groups. Let us provide a brief guide and help you make the right choice.

Know About Pale Ale And Its Varieties

Pale Ale was the first to enter the alcoholic beverage market. Its origin can be dated back to the 1700s when professional British brewers used to roast lighter malts. As the drink has a paler amber shade, it is called a Pale Ale. It has a bitter taste because of the presence of bitter hops.

Pale Ale is an intermediate between darker and lighter stouts. It has gained popularity in several countries. Depending on the country of origin, Pale Ale can be categorised into 2 ways:

American – If you want a higher ABV (6%), you can try out the American Pale Ale. Although hop is the most important ingredient, breweries include malt in the formula. The beverage has a blend of citrus aroma and punchy pine. The malt base delivers the caramel notes.

English – The authentic British version is a hop-heavy beer that emerged in the market during the 1700s. The malt is heated and dried to have the desired flavours and colours in beers. The alcoholic percentage ranges from 4.5 to 5.5. The malt character and hop flavour have a perfect balance. You will also experience herbal and earthy notes in the English Pale Beer.

Should You Buy An Indian Pale Ale?

If you want bolder flavours, IPA is the right choice. British breweries that exported beer added extra hops to maintain freshness and flavour. IPA has resinous and floral notes. Malt builds the body and develops the desired colour.

Indian Pale Ale and Pale Ale have some similar characteristics. The hop characters shine in both these beverages. But, most consumers confuse bitterness with hoppiness. Differentiating these characteristics is a subjective choice. Some consumers think that Pale Ale is more bitter than Indian Pale Ale.

Summarising The Differences Between The Ipa And Pale Ale

Pale Ale is simply a pale malt-based English ale. On the contrary, IPA is a stronger version of conventional English bitter ale. Pale Ale is brewed using the roasted malt in the United Kingdom. Although IPA is brewed in the UK, it is exported to Indian colonies.

The hops and malt have a balanced ratio, providing a sweet finish to pale ale. The malt characteristics are stronger IPA. Moreover, the alcohol content is higher in Pale Ale, which contains fewer hops.

Buy IPA and Pale Ales online to experience the taste of both types of beers. You cannot realise the bitterness just by seeing the labels on the beer bottles. Sip both these beverages to identify one that pleases your taste buds.

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